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Create a strong team using one of our Unity Card Deck Exercises

As most of you know by now, Eleni and I recently launched one of our first products: the unity card deck, containing 52 team exercises to become an expert in managing team dynamics.

To make our card deck corona proof, we turned some of our exercises into virtual experiences! But you might ask what you can expect when running such an exercise? We decided to show you by running a demo with some of our closest friends!

The "Post-It in color" exercise is perfect to get to know your team mates a bit better! Don't hesitate to get creative with the questions you want to put on the Post-It notes!

And what about you?

  • Want to manage the energy and dynamics in your team?

  • Want to increase your confidence when coaching, training, or facilitating a group?

  • Want to help your team work better together to reach their full potential?

If one of the questions above applies to you, our UNITY card deck will certainly help you to take the first steps! For only €39 you get 52 team exercises to boost your team, 1 for each week of the year! If you buy it today, you get the "UNITY e-book" for free, containing 20 virtual team building exercises! Talking about a bargain! ;) More info on our webshop!

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