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Our names are Jill and Eleni, we're both creative minds with a passion for people and team dynamics.

As coaches, we work with many different teams, where we noticed that the teams that are most successful have one thing in common: psychological safety.

Psychological safety entails that people can be open and honest about their ideas, but also about concenrs and things that are not going well. In turn, it creates trust within the team, improves the collaboration between team members and gives a feeling of wellbeing. Because of this, psychologically safe teams get better results, innovate more and have great team dynamics.  

We strongly believe that everyone is able to create psychological safety for their own team so that they are able to reach their full potential. 

This is how NNORM BV was born. Our purpose is to make safe team environments the new norm within companies. We do this by offering team leaders and coaches the necessary support and tools to create this safe environment within their own teams.

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