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Hi there!

Wij zijn Jill en Eleni, co-founders van NNORM, partner van ambitieuze first-time team leads. 

We believe that team leaders are the superheroes of this time: In charge of motivating and empowering their team, supporting all team members in their personal growth and delivering great results. All the while dealing with highly demanding customers and - where possible - creating a positive impact for the environment.


It's our ambition to transform you into a confident leader with all tools and techniques at hand to face whatever challenge coming your way! 


Boost your team program

Subscription possible as a company or individual

There is a lot of information available about people management, leadership and personal growth.

But how to put the theory in practice? How do you pick a leadership style that builds on your strengths? What team processes should you put in place to optimize both personal growth and results? How to build a culture that's not just fun to work in, but also challenging and inspiring? What should you do to become more confident as a team leader?


Enroll in a 4-month journey towards an excellent people manager.

Image by Dylan Gillis

Nnorm 1-on-1

Are you ambitious, extremely good at your job, and recently got promoted as a team leader?

First of all: Congrats, the job of team lead is amazing!  It's an opportunity to create more impact in your company, to boost your career and those of your team members. But we know that it can also be challenging to find your place, voice, and way of working.


You don't know what type of leader you want to be yet? You struggle with certain tasks or people and don't know why or what to do about it? You sometimes doubt your decisions or actions? We feel you!


With NNORM 1-on-1, we uncover your 1-3 biggest growth opportunities. During 6 coaching calls over 3 months, we help you construct your own strategy and action plan, based on the insights we uncover together.

Tailormade team program

Didn't find what you were looking for in our Boost your team or 1-on-1 program?

You want to hear how we can help with your team's specific challenges, such as improving communication, optimizing collaboration, creating a shared vision, setting up effective team processes? 

Fill in our webform and we're happy to get in touch to better understand your needs.


Be challenged for free

Want to get to know us while being challenged on the leadership culture in your organisation? 

During a 2-hour workshop with a group of leaders from your company, we take a careful look at your leadership styles and aspirations. What are your dreams for your team(s)? What is standing in the way of achieving those dreams?


Discover your biggest growth opportunities as a leader and organisation. We only have a few free spots left in the coming months.

What we have to say about people management

This summer, we were guests at 50 Koffies podcast.

We talk about what people management is, what authentic leadership looks like and how import it is to create purpose for your employees. 

Have a look and let us know what you think! 

Also available on spotify.


"Ik heb recent de "lead-with-trust" workshop bijgewoond die georganiseerd werd door NNORM. Heb er enorm veel van opgestoken, ben gechallenged geweest door mede-leaders en ik ben met een duidelijk zicht naar huis gegaan over welke soort leider ik wil zijn en wat mijn volgende stappen zijn."

—  Seppe Stroo, Buffl

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